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Are you a Social Organization?

Understanding the impact created by all your actions can help you attract more donors & also act as your social balance sheet. 

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Our Top-down Diagnostics and Bottom-up Tracking can help you engage better with your employees, stakeholders & customers.

Know Your social footprint

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Are you a Volunteer?

Volunteering has proven to be beneficial not just for the receivers but also for volunteers. Mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, connection are some of the known benefits of volunteering. 

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Impact Areas

Currently, Artemis supports initiatives related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can measure metrics that will help you understand your short-term and long-term impact created by contributing volunteer hours towards each of these causes. 

Animal Welfare

Undeniably, wildlife is central to Earth’s health; it is our planet’s…

Refugee Aid

Conflict, disaster and persecution force millions across the…

Child & Youth Development

The United Nations estimates millions of…

Disaster Relief

According to the United Nations, “sudden-onset disasters, such as earthquakes…

Environment Conservation

Climate change has taken a tangible shape…

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